Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN



The Race Rules were supplemented with the Turnpoint Bommenchopf. Also the GPS data for the new turnpoint was added to the files and download. With the new Turnpoint Bommenchopf new points in the complete matrix result. At Athletes: check out carefully!

There were also adjustments regarding starting fees in case of cancellation due to force major (COVID). This was added as a precautionary measure in the context of the uncertainties surrounding COVID_19.

An important extension of the Race Rules is the use of turnpoints as starting places. The new rule is that you can only start from turnpoints. So it is allowed to stamp e.g. the turnpoint Hoher Kasten and to start from the turnpoint Ruhesitz, if e.g. the wind was too strong on the Hoher Kasten. The same principle applies to all other turnpoints which could be combined in this way (e.g. Bommenchopf and Ebenalp).

The complete race rules can be found under the following link.