Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
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Tomorrow, Thursday, a cold front will reach us from the northwest, which will bring humid and quite cold polar air to the north side of the Alps for the weekend. The east is very strongly affected and in the Alpstein continuous rain and snow up to 1500m is to be expected. The safety in the air is not given, the health of the participants is endangered, financial losses in the area of Food&Beverage are to be expected and finally we cannot guarantee the quality of the event. Due to this we have decided with a heavy heart to cancel ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022.

The following info regarding your registration and entry fees. The starting places remain with you for 2023! However, we offer you the following three options.

Option 1 – Obtaining starting places

The team retains the three starting positions and they are carried over to 2023. There will be no expense for either party. The MY TEAM portal will then be reopened at the appropriate time to make changes for 2023.

Option 2 – Refund of entry fees

The team withdraws the registration. The team will be refunded CHF 270.00 according to the Race Rules. CHF 30.00 will be charged to the participant. The team loses the reserved starting places, which will be released for other teams. Individual refunds are not possible. Only a whole team can withdraw.

Option 3 – Donation entry fees

The team waives the reserved starting places and donates any amount from min. CHF 31.00 to max. CHF 300.00 (complete starting fee). The money will be booked as patronage contribution and the team will be listed as patron/fan at the next event. The starting place for 2023 is not secured and the registration has to be done again.

We ask the Team Chefs to respond to this email by September 30, 2022 as to how the team would like to remain. If we do not receive a reply, we will assume that option 1 will apply to you and that the starting places for 2023 will remain. In case of reimbursement of entry fees (option 2+3), please provide us with the corresponding bank details.

We would also like to thank you for your trust and allow us to make some advertising for the first Alpstein Cleanup. Our club the HFC Alpstein will comb the Alpstein on Saturday 15.10.2022 together with various flight schools from the region and really clean up. Together we will fly the collected garbage into the valley. Sign up today and spend a cool day with us in the Alpstein. You can find more information here.

Now we have no other choice but to wish you a good time, stay healthy and always happy landings!

Sporty greetings

Sandro, Alex, Sandro, Elena, Silvio, Linus, Fabio, Sam, Stefan, Cyril