Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN

Author: alpsteinadmin

Der verrückteste Hike&Fly Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022 is sold out! With the Easter Bunny, the last participants have hobbled in. 120 participants from a total of 40 teams are registered! What a colorful bunch! We are insanely happy! Under the following link you will find the starting line-up 2022!


Off to the third round! Registration for ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022 is open! Please note the revised Race Rules! As announced at the 2021 award ceremony, the top ten finishers from 2021 have automatically registered for this year 2022. I.e. the first ten team starting places are already taken! Hurry up! Secure the starting places for…
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Our website is currently getting a new section “All you need to know”, where all information about the race is available. We ask you to be patient until we can provide everything. With the new website section we want to provide better access to information for participants and visitors of ALPSTEIN CROSSING. Come back soon!


The octopus is beaten! ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2021 is unfortunately already over! An insanely beautiful day with some exciting moments passes…. 1. PlaceTeam X-ALPS ACADEMY2. Place Team PIPISTRELLI3. Place Team BIBEDIBABEDIBU We thank all participants for this great day in the Alpstein! We’re already looking forward to next year, when it’s #bezwingediekrake again on September 17,…
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Due to the current weather data for the coming weekend, we can pronounce a guaranteed realization of ALPSTEINCROSSING 2021! WooooooopWoooooop! The following about the weather on Saturday. On Friday there will be a light bisenlage in Switzerland, which will dissipate at the beginning of Saturday. We therefore hope that especially the higher turnpoints Ebenalp and…
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CLOSING MY TEAM PORTAL The MyTeam portal on the website is open until September 11, 2021. After that, your data will be binding. We ask all participants to check the data again and make any necessary adjustments to the equipment. It helps us all if everything is correct! The list of your equipment will be…
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Participants of ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2021 will receive an e-mail with the latest information about this year’s event in the next few days. The following points are important. ZENIT & FIXFINDER Participants must download two apps from the known stores onto their smartphones. For both apps a private account must be created by the participants. We…
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Yes, this must also be… We also have to deal with the issue of Corona. 🙂 According to the current requirements and regulations of the federal government, we can carry out the event without major adjustments. For ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2021no COVID_19 certificate is necessary at the moment. We can also move freely on the premises…
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The Race Rules were supplemented with the Turnpoint Bommenchopf. Also the GPS data for the new turnpoint was added to the files and download. With the new Turnpoint Bommenchopf new points in the complete matrix result. At Athletes: check out carefully! There were also adjustments regarding starting fees in case of cancellation due to force…
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It will start soon! We can hardly wait. 🙂 But first some news! X-ALPS ACADEMY SWISS CUPAlpstein Crossing is now part of the X-Alps Academy Swiss Cup! The Academy Swiss Cup is the annual ranking of the Swiss Hike&Fly athletes. These include existing, established Swiss Hike&Fly events. The “Academy Swiss Cup powered by TeamWork” also…
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