Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
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Der verrückteste Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


First of all, a happy new year to all athletes, helpers, sponsors and suppliers! With the turn of the year, registration for Alpstein Crossing 2024 also opens! As already announced, trailrunners can also register for Alpstein Crossing. There are two different forms for registration, as additional information on equipment is required for the Hike&Fly category.…
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Breaking news for all trailrunners! Alpstein Crossing is taking it to the next level and will be offering a pure trailrunning category in addition to Hike&Fly next year 2024. The two categories will compete in the race on the same day and complete the same turnpoints. In addition to the 40 Hike&Fly teams already registered,…
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The octopus and probably this year the south wind aka Föhn is beaten! ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2023 is unfortunately already over! An insanely beautiful day with some exciting moments and especially a lot of wind passes. 1. Place Team SWISS MIX2. Place Team X-ALPS ACADEMY3. Place Team BIBEDIBABEDIBU We thank all our helpers on the homebase,…
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Check-In In order to make the race as efficient as possible, we would appreciate it if as many as possible could check in with us on site Friday evening. At the check-in on site your identity will be checked, the material will be checked and you will get a goody bag from us. 😊 We…
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Be part of the first Kraken Coaching for rookies and old hands of ALPSTEIN CROSSING! At two different coaching sessions you will learn from our pros Chris Fromm from the X-Alps Academy and ultracyclist and trail runner Paul Wüst how to prepare optimally for ALPSTEIN CROSSING and other races. Attention the registrations are limited to…
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We announce that ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2023 will take place on the following date. Saturday, September 16, 2023 Since we have already established ourselves in the Hike&Fly calendar for many participants, we will stick to this weekend. However, we were so disappointed by the cancellation of 2022 that we have decided, together with our partners and…
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ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022 IS CANCELLED! Tomorrow, Thursday, a cold front will reach us from the northwest, which will bring humid and quite cold polar air to the north side of the Alps for the weekend. The east is very strongly affected and in the Alpstein continuous rain and snow up to 1500m is to be…
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We clean up! As Hike&Fly Club Alpstein we are passionately committed to our playground. The Alpstein as a beautiful area for excursions is very close to our hearts – the beauty should be preserved, so on October 15, 2022 we will collect for the first time everything together that does not belong in nature. Register…
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We have adjusted the program a little bit. The ranking ceremony will now take place at 19:00. The waiting time will be bridged with the traditional shoe throwing at 18:00 and fine chilli feast from 17:30. Thus we have the result faster and the party can rise! The rest of the schedule has not changed.


Some of you have probably already seen it. The factory of the world-famous Bärli Biberli is rebuilding and enlarging the production building. This also has an impact on the ALPSTEIN CROSSING race. The logistics of ALPSTEIN CROSSING was handled in the last two years by the parking and space facilities of the Biberli factory. Unfortunately,…
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