Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN


Der verrückteste Hike&Fly Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


ALPSTEIN CROSSING is unique! ALPSTEIN CROSSING will be great! We can only do that with your support. Be there, get involved in this crazy Hike&Fly Race in the Alpstein as a high-flyer, pilot, tandem jumper or as a fan. Everything is good, everything is right. The main thing is that you are there. We already send applause and say thank you!


Presence, presence, presence from CHF 2000.00

Say yes, grab it!

Modesty is not your thing. You want to show yourself. Very well. We give you the stage for it. As a high-flyer, there is no place and no place around this event where you are not listed. Places are limited.
Become a partner!


King of the air from CHF 1000.00

Navigate yourself!

You like to have your nose in the wind and love the overview? Then this package is just right for you. As a pilot you have these levers you can operate. Choose two large advertising spaces and the flying space is yours. You will be additionally mentioned in our social media posts.
Be our pilot!


Inside you sleeps a real hero... CHF 500.00

Get celebrated!

You like to set the pace and at the same time love to find the best spot to have in the second row. Grab this package. As a tandem jumper you are present and benefit with the mention in all our social media posts. Say yes and you will be celebrated.
Get in!


Be brave! from CHF 1.00

Cheers without end!

Paragliding is not witchcraft. Even not to support our event. Give it a go. As a fan, you can join in for as little as CHF 1.00. With this you can show off to buddies and colleagues and earn the Alpstein Crossing Paragliding Order... 🙂
Be a fan!

Get a better overview of our plans and possibilities. Here you can download the Partner & Sponsoring Concept.


Only thanks to the financial and material sponsorship of our high-flyers and pilots we can carry out the race ALPSTEIN CROSSING. We are incredibly grateful to be able to celebrate you as our superheroes!


All of us pilots started with a tandem once. We are infinitely grateful to you, jump with us from the giant octopus.


Ever been to a race without fans? Exactly, it’s no fun at all… Thank you for your loyal support as fans of paragliding and the Alpstein region.


We would like to thank our partners for their trust in us to make the dream of a Hike&Fly event come true. You are the greatest!

HFC Alpstein is a newly founded association around the discipline Hike&Fly in the Alpstein and is the legal basis for the event ALPSTEIN CROSSING. Without this club, many things would be unthinkable. PS: the club is still looking for members

Freewings the Hike&Fly flight school from the Alpstein! Freewings supports the event with the necessary know-how regarding flight safety, race rules and makes a valuable contribution to the event.

Provided you are a friend of your senses, then you are in the right place at Pfefferbeere. Pfefferbeere supports ALPSTEIN CROSSING with the best Food and Beverages directly from the Äscher and the entire Appenzellerland region.