Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN


Der verrückteste Hike&Fly Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


The ALPSTEIN CROSSING family originated from the FreewingsCommunity and lives with its own club the HFC Alpstein the dream of an own event around the discipline Hike&Fly. At home in the mountains, the team and all contributors help to make the event in the Appenzell Alpstein a reality.

The motivation was always to give something back to our home, the Alpstein, to the region and to our sport. We are proud to be at home in this region and place an extremely high value on the fact that as many regional companies, clubs, flight schools, organizations, transport system and tourism as possible can participate in our event. ALPSTEIN CROSSING lives from the community, teamwork, cooperation, which is even more important in the current time around the pandemic.

ALPSTEIN CROSSING should always be special and crazy, no matter what. So also in the nature or rules of this race. The race format chosen aims at a Hike&Fly race par excellence. Not only flying skills have to be proven, but also physical fitness in running. The turnpoints around Weissbad snake around the hills and peaks of the Alpstein like the arms of an octopus. Therefore also our call to the athletes #bezwingediekrake. In total there are about 30km of flying distance and about 4000 HM of running distance available. Wow!

Many thanks to all pilots, athletes, participants, partners, sponsors and friends of aviation sports that the dream of ALPSTEIN CROSSING has come true.

Sporty greetings


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