Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN


Der verrückteste Hike&Fly Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


Do you have any questions about ALPSTEIN CROSSING? Here you will find all the important answers.


When will the next edition of ALPSTEIN CROSSING take place?

ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022 will take place next year on Saturday 17 September 2022. There is no postponement date. The definitive date of ALPSTEIN CROSSING will be communicated in the week of the race.


Where can I register with my team?

You can register with the team at https://alpstein-crossing.ch/race/registration/.

Until when can I register?

You can register with your team until 31 August 2022. The top 10 of ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2021 are automatically registered and entered again for 2022.

Can the information be changed by the team?

Under the My Team Portal https://alpstein-crossing.ch/race/my-team/, the team chief can change the details up to one week before the race. This applies to the equipment as well as to the team members.

Can a Team Member only be registered in pairs?

No, a team of three (3) Team Members must be fully registered and must turn up for check-in in full.

Can student pilots register?

No student pilots are admitted to the race! Registrations will be accepted for student pilots, but must have the required license according to Race Rules by race day. If the athlete does not have a valid license on the race day, he/she is not allowed to start at the race.


Is a harness allowed without a protector?

No, a protector according to LFTis mandatory for ALPSTEIN CROSSING. There are no exceptions.

Is it allowed to fly without a protector?

No, a protector according to LTF is mandatory for every participant!

Is it allowed to fly a harness without LTF?

Yes, the harness itself usually does not have LFT approval. ENapproval is sufficient. However, this does not apply to the protector. This must be approved according to LTF! Meaning, harness min. EN and protector LTF!


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