Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN


Der verrückteste Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!

Personal responsibility & liability

Participation in ALPSTEIN CROSSING is at the participant’s own risk. By signing the conditions of participation on race day, participants expressly waive all claims of any kind arising from damage, injury or consequential damage.

Legal basis Hike&Fly category

The legal requirements of the Swiss Civil Aviation BAZL must be observed during the race. A currently valid gliding map incl. the applicable regulations from DABS/NOTAM with corresponding flight limitations and animal protection zones can be viewed at the race office. Explicit reference is made to the current situation before the race by means of an appropriate briefing.

Image rights

Published pictures, videos or similar of the participants, which are created during the event and published on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or similar, must include the reference “ALPSTEIN CROSSING” or #alpsteincrossing. Pictures and videos with the reference “ALPSTEIN CROSSING” or #alpsteincrossing may be used by the organizer on their platforms without permission from the owner.

Adjustments Race Rules

The Race Committee reserves the right to make any changes to the Race Rules, but will proactively publish changes via the website or at the latest during the race briefing on race day.


Two categories will be admitted to the ALPSTEIN CROSSING race.

  • Hike & Fly
  • Trail Running

Category Hike & Fly

The Hike & Fly category consists of the mixture and completion of ALPSTEIN CROSSING of one part running (outward journey) and in principle one part paragliding (return journey), whereby the second part (return journey) also consists or may consist of running due to the participant’s personal assessment of the weather conditions and instructions from the race organizers.

Category Trail Running

The Trail Running category consists of completing ALPSTEIN CROSSING entirely by running (outward and return journey).


ALPSTEIN CROSSING is a team event. A maximum of 240 participants, i.e. 80 teams, will be admitted to the race. Participation must be completed on the website https://www.alpstein-crossing.ch/registration by August 31 at the latest and received by ALPSTEIN CROSSING. Registrations will be considered in chronological order. Registration for ALPSTEIN CROSSING can only be done via the corresponding website. Other channels such as phone, email or similar will not be allowed. The official registration is valid only after verification of the data as well as an official confirmation of the organizer.


A team must meet the number of 3 Team Members. Registration of a team of less or more than 3 members is not allowed. A team name of your choice must be defined for a team. The team starts under a national flag, which can be chosen by the participant. The team name, team flag and team members must be entered in the team registration.

Team change

Changes to team members are generally permitted until the MY TEAM portal is closed. Changing the team leader is not permitted. This means that a change of the team leader will result in the resignation of the entire team. See point Cancellation of registration.

To administratively simplify a last-minute change before the race, an additional optional substitute member can be specified. This is optional and only comes into effect in the event of a cancellation at short notice before the race.

Starting fee

The entry fee is set at CHF 100.00 per participant. The starting fee per team (CHF 300.00) is due for the regular registration before the race and will be collected by the organizer after the registration.

Cancellation of registration

A team can withdraw from the race. Cancellation must be reported at any time to the race management or to registration@alpstein-crossing.ch. Withdrawals can be made free of charge up to two weeks before the race. For withdrawals after the deadline of two weeks before the race day, entry fees can no longer be refunded. The starting fees will then be charged to the team.

If ALPSTEIN CROSSING is cancelled due to force major, the organization reserves the right to withhold CHF 30.00 of the paid entry fee per team. In case of cancellation, CHF 210.00 will be refunded to the team accordingly. In case of cancellation, the team will be refunded CHF 270.00 accordingly.

Change of category

It is not possible to change the category.


By signing the conditions of participation on race day, all participants confirm that they are in good physical condition to complete the ALPSTEIN CROSSING extreme sports race.

Trail Running Insurance

Participants in the Trail Running category have personal liability insurance and confirm that they have such insurance by signing the conditions of participation on race day. All those who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to start. For younger participants (absolute minimum age is 16 years), a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required and must be submitted at the latest when signing the conditions of participation.

Trail Running Summary

To participate in ALPSTEIN CROSSING in the Hike & Fly category, the following conditions must be met.

  • Valid identity card
  • Participation in the race briefing
  • Signed conditions of participation

Hike & Fly license

Only paraglider pilots with a valid hang gliding license are eligible to participate in the Hike & Fly category. All those who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to start. For younger participants (absolute minimum age is 16 years), a declaration of consent from the legal guardian(s) is required and must be submitted at the latest when signing the conditions of participation. Unfortunately, student pilots will not be admitted to the race.

Hike & Fly Insurance

All participants in the Hike & Fly category must have proof of insurance (liability) with a guaranteed sum of at least CHF 1,000,000.00 per loss event and must be presented on the day of the race at the latest when signing the conditions of participation.

Hike & Fly Equipment

The equipment will be randomly checked by the race committee and their helpers. The following regulations must be observed.

  • Participants must wear a safety helmet with a hard shell (a helmet tested in accordance with the EN 966 standard is recommended).
  • The harness must be approved in accordance with EN 1651 and must be in an approved condition. The harness must be fitted with an original protector in accordance with LTF 91/09. Approval of the protector only according to EN standard is not sufficient!
  • Only EN and LTF approved paragliders (up to max. EN D and LTF 2-3) may be flown at ALPSTEIN CROSSING.
  • Paragliders must be flown within the approved weight range. The take-off weight of the participants will be checked immediately before take-off at the equipment check.
  • The paragliders must be in approved condition (speed bar travel, trim, risers). The registration of the paragliders must be completed by August 31st at the latest and the data must be published on the website of the respective registration office. If the certification is not completed and published in time, the paraglider may not be flown at ALPSTEIN CROSSING. All participants must ensure that the paraglider is in certified condition. In particular, the organizer will ensure that the original trim, accelerator travel and riser have not been tampered with to gain a racing advantage.
  • A working rescue system must be carried and will be checked at the race office during the equipment check. The deployment and function of the rescue (emergency parachute) must not be hindered or made impossible by modifications to the harness. The pilot must not exceed the maximum certified weight for the rescue system.
  • The organizer must be informed via the MY TEAM portal at least two weeks before ALPSTEIN CROSSING which paraglider will be flown at ALPSTEIN CROSSING. The manufacturer, paraglider type, size of the paraglider, harness used and rescue must be stated. The details must be entered when registering for the race on the website, but can be changed up to two weeks before the race.
  • All participants in the Hike & Fly category may only use one (1) paraglider for the race. Changing the paraglider is not allowed during the race.
  • The personal paraglider must be carried or flown by the participant at all times during the race. Participants may not transfer their personal paraglider to another team member or leave it on the race course. This rule may be waived due to the weather situation on race day, for example if flying is not possible (foehn conditions).

Hike & Fly Summary

To participate in ALPSTEIN CROSSING in the Hike & Fly category, the following conditions must be met.

  • Valid identity card
  • Hang glider license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Controlled equipment
  • Participation in the race briefing

Signed conditions of participation

Start and finish

The race takes place in the Appenzeller Alpstein. The start and finish are in Weissbad Appenzell (Homebase). The complete race distance is about 50 km running distance and 30 km flying distance (as the crow flies). The following turnpoints must be completed as a team.


Description Coordinates m.a.s.l.
Homebase Weissbad 47.313250, 9.435073 810
Turnpoint Burg Clanx 47.346842 ,9.411331 1000
Turnpoint Eggli 47.3208, 9.46471 1120
Turnpoint Ruhesitz 47.292633, 9.47989 1300
Turnpoint Hoher Kasten 47.286243, 9.486425 1677
Turnpoint Leugängeli 47.2883404, 9.4474928 1153
Turnpoint Ebenalp 47.284076, 9.410362 1600
Turnpoint Bommenchopf 47.29281, 9.42247 1250
Turnpoint Sollegg 47.311782, 9.398216 1220
Turnpoint Spetz 47.31268, 9.41297 1126

Changes turnpoints

The turnpoints can be changed by the organizer up to and including race day. Due to the current flight restrictions and weather situation, turnpoints may be canceled, postponed or closed for flight operations. The regular and valid turnpoints for ALPSTEIN CROSSING will be announced at the race briefing on race day.

Running track

For the running routes the official roads, sidewalks, footpaths, hiking trails and paths must be used explicitly. The use of and compliance with the official and regular route network will be checked by the organizer during the race or controlled via the tracking system. If the participants move outside the regular route network, points will be deducted.

Hike & Fly starting points

Only the specified starting positions may be used. Off-field landings and take-offs outside the turnpoint zones are prohibited. Tip: If, for example, it is not possible to launch from Hoher Kasten (too much wind), you can still launch from Turnpoint Ruhesitz. No points will be deducted.


There is one (1) homebase (start and finish), and nine (9) turnpoints. A turnpoint must be reached on foot from the home base. In the Hike & Fly category you fly from the turnpoint to the home base, otherwise and in the Trail Running category the return journey is also on foot. Points scored for a turnpoint must be returned directly to the home base (sequential). The participant must time-stamp the turnpoint. The team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the faster team wins. In case of equal score and equal time, the race committee will decide. Only when the participants have arrived at the home base and a valid time stamp has again been taken at the finish is the turnpoint considered to have been completed and flows in accordance with the regulations. the points into the scoring. The table below shows the scoring of each section.

Type Description Coordinates


(altitude meters)



Way back


Way back


Total points
Homebase Weissbad 47.313250, 9.435073 0 0 0 0 0
Turnpoint Burg Clanx 47.346842, 9.411331 190 5 4140 8 13
Turnpoint Eggli 47.3208, 9.46471 310 2 2000 2 4
Turnpoint Ruhesitz 47.292633, 9.47989 490 7 4000 7 14
Turnpoint Hoher Kasten 47.286243, 9.486425 867 9 4900 9 18
Turnpoint Leugängeli 47.2883404, 9.4474928 343 3 3100 5 8
Turnpoint Ebenalp 47.284076, 9.410362 790 8 3750 6 14
Turnpoint Bommenchopf 47.29281, 9.42247 440 4 2460 4 8
Turnpoint Sollegg 47.311782, 9.398216 410 6 2250 3 9
Turnpoint Spetz 47.31268, 9.41297 316 1 1500 1 2

Punkte Sammlung

The collection of turnpoints must be achieved as a team. So the team shares the turnpoints (one turnpoint per team member). The turnpoints may only be approached by one team member, i.e. the team members may not approach the same turnpoint together. After the time stamp on the turnpoint, you must fly directly to the home base or walk back accordingly. This means that no turnpoint top landings are necessary. Not all turnpoints may be collected first and then brought to the home base, but each turnpoint individually.


Each turnpoint may be reached only once (1x) per round and team. If every turnpoint was reached in the first round, the team may start over. So, if a round is completely brought to the homebase, a maximum of 90 points can be scored. With the last turnpoint of the round, the complete team must be in the homebase. Only when the last turnpoint has been flown into the homebase and the corresponding timestamp has been given, the team may start a new round.

Time limit

The race lasts 8 hours. The team has 8 hours to collect as many points as possible.

Start 09:00 am

End 05:00 p.m.

If the participant is not in the home base at the end of the race, the current turnpoint is deemed not to have been completed and no points are awarded for it. Even if the participant has completed the time stamp at the turnpoint, the points for the running course are not awarded.

Point deductions

  • The Race Committee reserves the right to make point deductions for failure to follow the regular trail network at its sole discretion. Around the turnpoints there is an exception of a radius of 100m to get to the corresponding starting place resp. turnpoint to get there.
  • Top landings on the turnpoints are prohibited! The organizer reserves the right to make point deductions for failure to make top landings at its sole discretion.
  • In general, the Race Committee reserves the right to deduct points in the individual and team classification for violations of the Race Rules in self-measurement and without justification.

Winning and award ceremony

Only the team as a whole can win. The ALPSTEIN CROSSING race is a non-profit event and accordingly does not pay out any prize money. The team wins the recognition of the other teams as well as masses of fame and honor 💪. The best 3 teams in the Hike & Fly and Trail Running categories will be honored at the award ceremony.


Participation in the race is exclusively by human muscle power. For this reason, the use of any kind of equipment or outside assistance is prohibited and will be punished by disqualification.


At the launch sites, consideration is given to paraglider pilots taking off and assistance is provided in the event of launch difficulties.

Time measurement

An orienteering-like system from FixFinder will be used for timing during the race. The participants must use this. All participants must install and run the relevant FixFinder app on their smartphone. To use the FixFinder app, participants must open a personal account. During the race, the app must be run constantly. The use of the app will be explained at the Race Briefing at the latest.

Tracking System

FixFinder is also used for GPS tracking during the race. During the race, the app must be run constantly. The use of the app will be explained at the Race Briefing at the latest.

Additional material

Participants may of course use their own devices such as GPS, vario, watch etc. for the race at their own discretion. It is recommended to attach a RECCO reflector to at least one backpack or clothing. Participants in the Hike & Fly category are also recommended to use a satellite emergency transmitter such as SPOT or InReach. Participants should bring their own functional and weather-appropriate clothing (sunglasses, sun protection, rain protection, etc.). It is also recommended to use hiking poles.


Participants are responsible for their own catering during the race.

Any protests and complaints against the result, the scoring and point deductions must be submitted in writing to the race office at Homebase no later than 18:00. The Race Committee will make a final oral decision on the protest no later than 18:30. No further appeal is allowed against the final decision of the Race Committee.

Members race committee

Alex Koller, Sandro Schärer, Sam Hochstrasser

  • Current information and race news will be published exclusively on the website http://www.alpstein-crossing.ch
  • The schedule of the corresponding briefings, race day and other procedures up to the award ceremony and after-party will be published separately.