Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN



As announced in advance, the MY TEAM portal is now closed and your entries are binding. You cannot bring any other material (paraglider, harness, rescue etc.) to the race as specified. You are responsible for making sure that your equipment complies with the race rules. Random checks will be made. Also changes to the team are not possible.

In order for the check-in next week to run smoothly and efficiently, it is absolutely necessary that you do the self check-in on the website. It helps us a lot if the link between your FixFinder account and the scoring tool can be made in advance. So, go ahead and do the Self Check-In! Please make sure that your smartphones are up to date with the latest software and that the FixFinder app is also updated so that you can use the latest features such as GPS.

Pilots from abroad please make sure that you have a continuous data connection for FixFinder during the race. We do not provide CH SIM cards this year. Swisscom, Salt or other network providers offer prepaid SIM cards for tourists for about CHF 20.00. These are available at train stations, kiosks or network provider stores.

Next week you will receive the last information about the journey, accommodation, check-in, the race and the event itself. We wish you still a good preparation.