Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN


Der verrückteste Team Race im Appenzeller Alpstein!


Open the installed FixFinder app on your smartphone.

Open the user settings and check if you have entered your license number correctly in the Association number field.

Swiss licenses please enter in format “56881” (without SHV or similar). Only the number.

Please enter German licenses in the format “D56881” with the prefix D and with number without spaces.

Please enter licenses from Austria in the format “A56881” with the prefix A and with number without spaces.

The license number is very important so that we can find you in the FixFinder database and thus evaluate you for the race. We urge you to maintain this information correctly in your user profile!

Under the settings, please make sure that GPS tracking is turned on.

In order for the GPS tracking app to work correctly and without interruptions, authorization to the location must always be guaranteed.