Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN



As already mentioned, this year participants can check themselves in for ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2022. The Self Check-In works in two steps.

Step 1 – Download FixFinder App

Please download the FixFinder app from the Google Play or Apple Store stores.



Create a private user account in the app. Please be sure to enter the SHV or DHV number in the association number field. Please use the following format.

  • Swiss license numbers (SHV): e.g. 56881 without SHV or similar. Only the number.
  • German license numbers (DHV): e.g. D56881 with a prefix D and without spaces.

Step 2 – Online Self Check-In

Open the following link and start the check-in process. You will go through an app test and thereby the automatic registration in our systems. The check-in process takes about 5-10 minutes. The check-in should be done on the browser on the PC or tablet, so that the corresponding QR can be scanned with the smartphone 😉.

One week before the race you will receive an update about the race day with information about the journey, the race itself, accommodation and other information. Remember that the MY TEAM portal will be closed from September 10th. You cannot make any changes to the team after that date. The dates are binding from this date.