Weissbad Appenzell, Switzerland
powered by HFC ALPSTEIN



Participants of ALPSTEIN CROSSING 2021 will receive an e-mail with the latest information about this year’s event in the next few days. The following points are important.


Participants must download two apps from the known stores onto their smartphones. For both apps a private account must be created by the participants. We will check this one week before the race! Please download and create an account! Zenit will be used for GPS tracking and FixFinder for timing between turnpoints. Detailed information will be sent to participants by e-mail. @Team Chefs, please inform your members about this!


Since we can expect more than 100 participants this year, the check-in will also be a challenge for us. We ask as many as possible to check in on Friday 17 September 2021 in the evening (from 18:00) at the home base. The stress on race day in the morning is already high. 🙂


The MyTeam portal on the website is still open for a few days. One week before the race we have to close the processing. We ask all participants to check the data again and make any necessary adjustments to the equipment. It helps us all if everything is correct! The list of your equipment will be printed out on race day and signed by you for a speedy check-in.


Participants will have their own parking space. Please take note of this. Detailed information about this and the location of the parking lot will be sent to participants by e-mail. Either way, we ask that our participants arrive by public transport.


Participants are allowed to pitch a tent on the home base and spend the night there. Of course, the tent can also remain until Sunday. 🙂 Otherwise, we recommend the local hotels, including the Weissbad Lodge just around the corner.

We are insanely looking forward to the second edition of ALPSTEIN CROSSING and are already hoping for golden weather and perfect wind conditions. WooooopWooooop!